Writers’ Room

Jim McDoniel (he/him), Story Director

Jessica Best (she/her), Staff Writer

Jessica Wright Buha (she/her), Staff Writer

Bilal Dardai (he/him), Staff Writer

Production Team

Jeffrey Gardner (they/them), Executive Producer & Director

Eleanor Hyde (she/her), Executive Producer

Ryan Schile (he/him), Lead Sound Designer

Alexander Danner (he/him), Sound Designer

Sarah D. Espinoza (she/her), Sound Designer

Hannah Foerschler (she/her), Sound Designer

Eli McIlveen (he/him), Sound Designer

Anna Rodriguez (she/her), Sound Designer

Mischa Stanton (they/them), Sound Designer

Stephen Poon (he/him), Composer

Mel Ruder (they/them), Recording Engineer

Gunnar Jebsen (he/him), Musician

Dann Tincher (he/him), Production Artist

Dan Streeting (he/him), Visual Designer


Shariba Rivers (she/her) - Lilian Harper

Marsha Harman (she/her) - Dorothy “Dot” Harper

Michael Turrentine (he/him) - Wes

Kathleen Hoil (they/them) - Abbie Douglas

Joshua K. Harris (he/him) - Dr. Rudolphus “Rudy” Pelham

Amelia Bethel (she/her) - Marisol Cabrera

Isa Ramos (she/her) - Stella “Spikes” Cabrera

Pat King (he/him) - Chester Warren

Krista D'Agostino (she/her) - Hazel Gibbons

Mark Soloff  (he/him) - Old Man on the edge of town

Sebastian Orr (he/him)- Various

Ele Matelan (she/her) - Various

LaQuin Grove  (he/him) - Dale Harper

Bethany Hart (she/her) - Cynthia Harper

Priya Mohanty (she/her) - Doctor Alicia Laramie

Abby Doud (she/her) - Mason

Kat Evans (she/her) - Stacy

Jeffrey Nils Gardner (they/them)- Dylan

Clint Worthington  (he/him) - Russell

Gaby Labotka (she/her) – Sylvia

Lisa Burton (she/her) - Martha

Christopher J. Wilson (he/him) - Tony

Jillian Leff (she/her) - Selene 


HartLife NFP Board of Directors

Clayton Faits, Jeffrey Gardner, Eleanor Hyde, Travis Sauder, Dan Schaeffer, Jennifer Scheyer, Duo Yang

Thank you to…

Tara Moses with Groundwater Arts for consultation on our land acknowledgement.

Cards Against Humanity for their studio space and many other things

Multitude Productions for giving great advice